Thank you to Johanna who agreed to a recording and gave permission to upload some of the takes.  She had already played Bach for us during the regular church service, but her recitals deserved a quiet environment free from the inside coughing, movement and outside summer sounds from the open windows.  Although the spontaneous videography, seated, with totally hand-held camera and no extra microphones, has captured Johanna’s wonderful performance:

Learning and evolution:
So we set up our session later in the day with closed windows and after all the internal noise had abated.   The concert grand piano was a major plus – being installed in the church specifically for the lunch time concerts organised by “Musique et Vie” each day Monday through Saturday.

Johanna played two additional pieces:  of Haydn and of Bach.
Even so, the performance deserved much better microphones — see update 2013.  Since that time we became very well-equipped and  more experienced in piano recording.

(Note: This Haydn recording has since been used along with video of the “Lavaux” along the north of Lake Leman and images of the Lutheran Church, as a “welcome to our church” movie – see ‘Autumn’ )