Psalms for Haïti

Psalms, prayers, and a collection towards rebuilding, for the people of Haïti following the devastating earthquake.
Geneva’s Cathedral of St. Peter (Cathédrale de St. Pièrre) is a fine setting at the highest point of the old town – with soaring arches, majestic organ, and impressive acoustics.

We incorporated 4 separate stereo sound sources – one close to the choir and percussion, one high front facing and one high rear facing for organ and congregation, and our camera picking up the cathedral’s own sound system for the presenters and readers (we now know that the cathedral can capture all voice mics directly to an SD card recorder, so we have since benefitted from that).
Changes in lighting from natural to artificial are evident as the proceedings move from afternoon rehearsal, through the first parts of the service, and into the evening.
The full video (not available on-line) is 55 minutes in length.