Male voice solo & duet

Baritone, bass, piano accompaniment.

Rohan and Ishan de Lanerolle (baritone and bass), accompanied by Dhilanthi Fernando (piano) presented in concert at the Lutheran Church in Geneva on the 4th September 2010.
Here are Rohan and Dhilanthi with “Where’er You Walk”, by Haendel

Technical confessions:   This was marcomathieumedia’s first live concert video recording — lots of learning going on ! Firstly there was only one camera, so any vague attempts at a two-camera impression is purely through post-production gymnastics which would, today, be accomplished very differently.  Flowers and the stained glass window help to hide erratic camera movements; occasionally the pianist shots are from completely different takes. The unique audio recorder (H4n – visible during the video) captures voice quite well, but piano is rather off-stage !  Fortunately the singer’s performance is very impressive.

An unfortunate experience, but also great learning, was that the whole of the second half of this concert was lost; during the walks on and off for “curtain calls” the complete stand with the H4n on it was knocked over, the shock causing the SD card to pop out. We tried recovery programs but none would recuperate the un-closed file. One can operate on a shoe-string-budget, but the lesson is that shoe strings must be tied !

In fact we can of course can listen to the second half as recorded by the bull-in camera microphones, but here is absolute evidence of camera mics being completely unsuitable – indoors and for solo voices; although the piano comes across quite well, which make us thinking about try to mix camera and H4n for the first half.