Douglas Hofstadter:  An eternal golden braid — A metaphorical fugue on minds and machines in the spirit of Lewis Carroll. (1979).  Philosophy, mathematics, statistics. A work which so far has surpassed our concentration abilities but is calling out for a re-try!  We have also enjoyed the Escher only book containing many catalogued images of his work. Below are a few pages from Hofstadter’s book just for the flavour, hoping it might encourage us all to read it or to push on a bit further next time!  Concepts explored are fundamental to mathematics, symmetry, and intelligence (Wikipedia).

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Quote from the article: “The book isn’t about how mathematics, music and art relate to each other, but about abstract structures that appear in all three. Hofstadter calls these structures strange loops: processes that appear to involve moving up though a hierarchy of levels but then, paradoxically, leave you where you started. MC Escher’s famous lithograph Ascending and descending is a great illustration of such a strange loop.”

Now, here is the link we want to make — we think it might be “isomorphism” — when reflecting on “musicians and technology” we are looking for commonalities among musicians that fit our search criteria and we reject other elements which are exhibiting “homomorphism”.