Third World War . . . .

When our first two world wars were raging, we knew the enemy, we saw the enemy, and all our effort was in fighting that enemy.

With Covid-19. we know the enemy, we cannot see it but see its impact, and we fight ourselves instead of “it”. We fight between states or cantons to argue over lock-down measures. We fight in the chambers to blame dedicated statesmen for not reacting fast enough or being clear enough, or for reacting much too fast and putting clear and strict measures in place without enough forethought.  And yet some of those complaining still run around without a mask.  And while thousands die, the same proclaim that the pandemic is just another kind of influenza which is over in a couple of days and so why all the fuss? The enemy is all around, we do not see it, we do not fully understand it, yet there are omnipresent complaints about efforts to contain it.

We are in a war.

It is a world war.

It requires a world-wide analysis and a world-wide response.

For those who think this is a computer game – get over it you ass-holes — this is for real, and until enough of us realize that, then this enemy is NOT going away.