Pandemic transition? — With 3rd and even 4th waves of the Corona virus invading our countries, despite multiple vaccines  becoming increasingly available, we MUST maintain adherence to the basic protection principles.

20-20 vision is not perfect, just kind of average; the year 2020 neither perfect nor average. Lots of hope for 2021 – not for perfection but a return to mild, vanilla, bland normality. Yet prior to getting mass immunity through vaccination the situation remains for a while in our sanitized hands, seen through steamed-up glasses due to the mask, and at arms length through keeping distance. Let’s Just Do IT for the sake of protecting many and for getting our own lives back again.
H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R  —  but it is up to us how happy it might be.
On this blog, we prepare for Montreux Jazz, we prepare for “kultour” reisen, we prepare for concert recordings — but at the same time realising that none of these will take place unless we, all of us,  have taken the care we ought and that the resulting outcome is in our favour.  None of us know, but all of us are concerned, and the solution is in our collective hands.
For believers, pray hard.
For others, fingers crossed and hope that the prayers of believers will be answered.