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FLEXTENTION (Oct) & Post election update Dec)FLEXTENTION – wow (October 2019)  Post-election update December 2019.

Now the EU has granted the UK more time, PM Johnson says we have to give the people a say in how this moves forward – yes, Boris, then “why don’t you ask them?”
Of course he was referring to having a general election, which many thought would be blocked. So, Boris, you should have moved to the alternative approach which totally fits your stated desire to “give the people a say” – they are waiting, eagerly, for the final say . . . in a second REFERENDUM.

And can we believe that Nigel Farage was hurling incredible insults in the European Union debates the other day and shouting how remainers were telling such lies and spreading false information ! wow – how to absolutely out-trump Trump.
Pitiful and really sad.

So what happened?
Well quite simply, Boris Johnson is smart in reading the political signs and forcing an election which exposes the Labour party and gives voters who would like to see their country run well inside or outside of the European Union, VERY LITTLE CHOICE but to vote conservative. Not because they want to, but because Labour’s stated social and economic policies and promises are so out of line with reality and well past their “sell date” as appropriate for running a modern country. Result: even by admission from Mr. Johnson, traditional Labour supporters have “lent” their votes to the conservative party. However, should the Labour party be unable to find a real leader and to develop a realistic alernative to the conservative thrust, then those votes might be actually be gone forever. And in any case any future election is going to be as a non-member of the European Union – the coming year of “transition” will disclose just how far removed from the EU that the UK will be.
Thus, the election has shown there was NO WAY that those voters who wished to remain in the European Union could have their voices heard without throwing away the union to the inappropriateness of any current Labour alternative.

So those of us in the remain mindset, along with everyone else, can only hope and pray that some EU links remain in the final deal and that the new government work really hard to negotiate quickly and efficiently new bi-laterals agreements and new trade deals so that at the end of 2020 most of it be in place and ready to run. Even if this does go well, it does not change the fact that the UK has pulled out of the most major Union of the western world and which took 60 years to construct. But as written here before, the UK political heart has never been totally “in”.