Everybody’s Perfect: queer international film festival in Geneva, now each year. We have been among the many volunteers since the very first edition in 2010.


A whole 10 days of films, many internationally-recognized and awarded — our own choice this year is “Seahorse” – more at: https://seahorsefilm.com/

We have been introduced to trans-sexual people and their struggles through work with the human rights council and LGBTIQ+ organisations – ‘Seahorse’ is a really beautiful story about one trans person who works with the film-makers* for three years until “he” gives birth to his own son. Here is the person concerned telling “his” story and it being filmed all the way to “him” holding his own baby just following birth. This auto-narration and cinematic experience has taken our awareness, amazement, and respect to a whole new level.

* ‘Seahorse: The Dad Who Gave Birth’ is presented by BBC Two and produced by Andrea Cornwell, Jeanie Finlay and Oscar-winning Grain Media.

The complete 2019 festival program can be downloaded here as a PDF file.


Why seahorse?

It is the male seahorse which gives birth.
One theory about why male seahorses carry the babies is that this gives the species the ability to create more babies quickly. The female deposits all her available eggs into his pouch when they mate, so she has time to make more eggs.  The male can deliver babies in the morning and get pregnant again the same day.