Auto Salon 2018 – brief look

Our rather brief record of the 2018 Geneva auto salon this year had no ‘visitor’ to follow looking to replace his Volvo !
And to cap that, we have heard that Volvo will no longer be present at the 2019 show – and that our ‘visitor’ has anyway now turned to Volkswagen – yes, he finalized his purchase.

So two main items in this short clip:
1. The last of the Volvo stands at the Geneva auto salon.
2. Some really exciting futuristic optimism from the designers of the “AirBus” concept.

In addition, some more 2018 footage enables some interesting comparisons within the 2019 edition – particularly RIMAC in the high performance category, and RINSPEED ‘Snap’ Ecosystem in the concept category.  There is also other footage from 2018 which needs incorporating when time permits.