Swiss Railways (4)

Landwasser viaduct from the “back” side.

DSC04448 2
The curved nature of the viaduct is more evident from here – trains turn almost 90 degrees between the North bridge track and the tunnel.

Now to our story:
In 2017 we were certain to have canned some incredible aerial images, only to find later that they were all out of focus. Placing a thumb on the screen at take-off is enough to fix the camera focus on whatever is ahead – in fact the ground! So, we had to come back.

And here in 2018, images are plagued with severe “rippling”. We are told this can be caused by a damaged propeller or something prohibiting the shock mounting of the camera to operate correctly. However, scenes shot the same day back in Trin do not have the problem – more patience required. We show some of our ripple problems in another post.

In the meantime, we post an edited creation of Capricorn4049 offered under the Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed). It shows – with great flying skills – complete travel over the ‘north bridge’ (Schmittentobel Viaduct), over the main Landwasser Viaduct, and through the Landwasser Tunnel. We also see that the two viewing points provided in the area will provide us with excellent static camera positions for one of our next outings.

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