Pride Bern 2017

Our regional Swiss-Romande Pride this year was held in the capital city of Bern.
The local mayor is very supportive and you can hear his voice over the first part of the video (speaking French). The procession started from six positions – each representing a particular theme – all headed toward the government square in front of the “Palais Fédéral”.

The regular procession was replaced by a “star-march” – beginning from six different locations in the Old Town. Each group carried one colour of the rainbow flag – to the square in front of the federal government building where the combined festivities continued.

There were no motorised or music floats this year – so apart from a few portable devices the procession was rather “quiet”! We have added music by

The “star march” was an interesting concept, although quite difficult to film.
An early start was made to capture footage from all six starting locations – then strategic positions were chosen along the way where convergence took place.

In the video you will have seen the stand 90-90-90 which deserves an in-depth look – an ambitious target to end the AIDS epidemic.

Simonetta Sommaruga, Swiss government minister, made a supportive speech which is available here. Unfortunately she spoke German and so far we have not found, or made, a translation.

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