videographer’s ‘memorable moment movie’ (1)

A majority of time is spent in good solid projects where a degree of planning and preparation precedes installation – and even a modest level of rehearsal !

However, the life of a videographer is subject to spontaneity as well.  
If unlucky, then there is no worthwhile material – either video or audio doesn’t stack up to expectations, and which no amount of post-production can salvage.
If fortune is on our side, then we might capture a “memorable moment“.

Here is one of them.  A wonderful performance, captured with good light and a steady shot, and with a decent sound quality using the ever-ready Zoom H4n recorder with a built-on microphone pair.
No time to set up, and only one error that a short rehearsal might avoid – the H4n being placed exactly in line with the pianist’s head !

A “memorable moment movie” (©) – from marcomathieumedia (!)