TEAG, 2011 event

‘Witnessing together in Geneva’ – (témoigner ensemble à Genève, TEAG) is a movement bringing together the local protestant church (Eglise Protestante de Genève, EPG) with church parishes formed from migration. It was started by Lukas Vischer of the World Council of Churches, WCC. Following his death, the leadership has been taken over by Roswitha Golder and Olivier Labarthe, both retired pastors of the EPG.  TEAG is formally a program of the John Knox International Centre, JKCI.

In 2010 TEAG celebrated the ‘Jeûne genevois’ – local fasting day and holiday – along with the parish of Saint Gervais ( see our 2010 blog ) and the plan is to repeat that every 2 years. In between those years, TEAG holds a mid-year event for its associate communities – here in video is the event of 2011 as a short version – the full length videos of each session of the day are available on the ‘temoignerensemble‘ (one word, no accent) YouTube channel.

marcomathieumedia’s videography role with TEAG is thus one event per year. The more important tasks, however, are event planning around themes which can aid migrant and local church communities in better mutual understanding, acceptance and integration.  We hope that video records, their easy distribution and wide accessibility, can help to support the movement’s objectives.