New ‘categories’ widget loses title ability

Message prepared for chat with WordPress:

Below is a recent screen shot of the “categories” widget I have always used — which as you see gives me a title possibility (just like the “navigation” menu does).   On the right, in my side bar, you see that the widget now no longer allows a title, and the legacy widget is no longer accessible.

Placing a separate paragraph widget to provide a title looks terrible — can we PLEASE have the title function back? (In fact maybe it is being worked on, but neither the basic widget option block, nor the “show more settings” block allow it).

Screenshot 2021-11-27 at 17.50.57

After chat with WordPress — problem is resolved by a work-around (see sidebar is now good, by adding the title as a paragraph and grouping the two widgets) but pity the title functionality has been removed from the widget – putting it back would be the cool thing to do.

WP.comWed, Dec 1, 5:45 PM
I did find some information for you. While it is not possible to use the Widget titles as existed previously, you can still use a block such as the paragraphs block to add a Title. I saw that you had added this but it was showing up in its own section. To fix this I selected both Blocks and added them to Group Block which then included them in the same widget section. You can also adjust the text of the Paragraph block to more closely resemble the Widget title if you would like. 

ALIGNMENT of the widget content, however, has changed:

The whole content in the new widget version is now indented from the left and thus I have needed to shorten my category names so they fit on one line — why did they do this? Please make the content align with the heading as it did in the past.