Video process: – upload – embed – valorize


Consider the options now for distribution of the amazing video just created.
Uploading to a social media channel, or to YouTube or Vimeo, or to a website are all possibilities.
If this is the end of the process, then so be it. However, even without going on to embedding you can also valorize the upload to be considerably more interesting and attractive.
On YouTube a brief explanation or back story below the video is one example. Another would be the bringing together of multiple videos into a playlist.
Further, if the video contains several logical sections then the times for each section can be listed below the video both Vimeo and YouTube automatically convert these to live links as section markers (example here).
Other videos or sites can be linked from the text (click image for example).
All of this helps to create a valorized environment rather than just a video somewhere; but the disadvantage of having the viewer go to YouTube is that they will be confronted with many distractions – sidebar full of alternative videos – more suggestions displayed after viewing our video – etc.
Embedding better creates a valorized & contained environment : —

Embedding can be done with YouTube, but YouTube no longer allows control of what is seen after viewing our video (before October2018 YouTube allowed that) so now we must use either a paid service such as Vimeo, or a direct video player from our own web provider – this site uses mainly Vimeo, occasionally the WordPress video player.

VALORIZE through embedding:  – embed the video within a website (pull communication) or an e-mail newsletter (push communication).

Within this environment – you can show the video (or a part of it) in any size and alignment.


You can tell the back story, surround it with photographs and of course link to other areas or other sites – the possibilities are endless.

In short – a contained environment.

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