Montreux Jazz – ‘Bunker’ & ‘Backstage’

Our most recent (2018)and most exciting and emotional experience yet connected to the Montreux Jazz Festival and the projects emanating from it. Going “backstage” at the festival – HD Swiss TV trucks (3 of them, one for each of the main venues), stock of instruments and material to be used on-stage by the visiting acts, permanent installation of the EPFL Metamedia lab including one of the three 4.7 Petabyte disc arrays.
All of that preceded by a very privileged visit to the Claude Nobs Foundation chalet and the now-so-famous “bunker” where the original Montreux Jazz archives are stored in their temperature and humidity-controlled environment.
The chalets are not open to general visits — they remain private residences and a place to host artists who come to Montreux to perform, or simply for a return visit. (Back to Post).   Here a 2015 music recording made in the chalet by the “Paradiso” program.