Science & Faith

This project emanates from Saint Andrews University (Scotland); our involvment, through the Scottish Church in Geneva, was to record each of the four sessions. Each with four panelists – two from the perspective of Science and two from the perspective of Faith.

Session 1:  Science and Religion –
What are they and how are they evolving? What does “truth” mean for each?

Session 2:  Why are we here? –
How do we account for life, the universe and everything? Where did it all come from?

Session 3:  So what should I do? –
How can we tell right from wrong? On what basis can we make ethical choices in life?

Session 4:  How to make the world a better place? –
What is the best way to look after the planet? Where can we find what we need to build a better future?

The result is a rich store of discussion and debate joining the much wider project of Saint Andrews. Below are short edited versions of the four presentations.  The original project website has been removed, but you can find more on  our own version right here on the marcomathieumedia site.  The Saint Andrews site links to the Geneva Scottish Church and links also back to our site here.