Animation – organ

Part of our series of special effects videos around the building of the Lutheran Church of Geneva. Organ performance by the resident organist in 2013; animation January 2018.

For the techies among us, this creation is built up from previous ones (also embedded on this site) — although most of the masks had to be re- photo-shopped to facilitate the more complex transitions of graphics inside, outside, and “half inside” the building.
It took several days and nights of creation and production – with Photo-shop and Adobe Premiere, our two workhorses; no special motion graphic tools were used; just the basic 3D perspective function within Adobe.
The final Adobe time-line is shown here, but of course the real grunt work lies within the effects control menus for each block:

The video with audio tracks were laid first as the aim was to animate this presentation rather than design an animation and look for suitable music.