Rendez-vous Bundesplatz 2018

As promised, we took the train to Bern to check out the installation for the light show. Unfortunately it was raining on the day we chose – fortunately it stopped for the light show presentation which allowed use of tripod for the entire 25 minutes.  There seems to be no official version posted this year – usually high quality and with original audio track as well. However, sound clarity, balance, quality for the live public were very good. If only the lights in the central building could have been turned off or covered up — the whole effect was disturbed.

Our photos show daytime images of the Federal Building and three structures containing the video equipment. The center section has four projection windows while the two side ones have three each – so ten altogether – all housed in a much more discreet way than one would expect – no traditional scaffolding visible here.

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In our opinion, the 2018 show has less finesse and quality than in previous years. Firstly there is a lot of just regular video – the amount of careful 3D work is less evident than usual. Secondly, there was significant narration and actors speaking – a detraction.  And lastly, the resolution and contrast seemed lacking – maybe because of the humidity – perhaps it deserved a second visit on a dry day.