June embedding changes (Vimeo)

Hello, thank you for your response to my question – not really a question but a plea to not make the changes which I am seeing since yesterday – they have really, overnight, made the Vimeo embed player look quite ugly wherever a title is used.

The changes affect all embedded Vimeo videos on all of my websites.

As you see from the examples, the title now appears as white characters on a black background bar. And the chosen color which was, since many years and until yesterday, used to define the character color — is now used as the hover color instead.

I know you needed to ask me to give specific places where his occurs, but this seems to be a major change on ALL embedded videos which now impacts ALL my sites, from ALL my Vimeo channels.

Below I embed two videos and give you a photo of the”hover” situation.

Here is a photo of the mouse “hover” — until yesterday the selected color was used very nicely by Vimeo for the text color, now that selected color is used only for the hover. The text, as you see is now white on a quite wide black background bar. This is now true for my thousands of Vimeo videos embedded across many websites. It is making the Vimeo player look really amateur in comparison to before yesterday. And I had chosen the text color of many videos to suit the color of the thumbnail – it was working really well.

“Hover” (photo as screen shot doesn’t work on hover)

Now I provide links to other examples, but it is the same everywhere!

  1. A sermon on our church website.
  2. A feature video on this site — same black bar.
  3. The front page of another site I manage – see the same video as before embedded – same black bar.

So, thank you for your response and for your follow-up. If this change persists then it is a sad retrograde step for what has been up until now the world’s best embed option and very fine presentation by the video player.

In fact, I moved to Vimeo on all my sites mainly because of the excellent embed features along with the clean and fine video player. Now, overnight, all my sites are downgraded by this quite amateurish title look.

Thank you and please, please, revert this change.

Ray Woodcock — for all my many customers of websites and viewers of them.