Auto Salon 2017 (4)

Part four of our 4-part series for 2017.

1. ‘in and around the cars’(everything except the cars themselves)
2. ‘green movement’ a now fast-moving evolution of global car technologies, consumer acceptance, and political enablers.
Develop your own predictions for green mobility of the future.
Note: Tesla was absent from the show this year.
3. ‘auto salon visitor, 2017’ – ‘seriously looking.
4. Luxury – ‘over the top’
The biggest surprise this year was to learn of the rapid adoption of electric motion by big brands and also to see electric technology able to sway manufacturers of the super / hyper / mega cars and are already building it into those top-end and super-powerful machines.
This movement is not only evident in hybrid power trains, but in high end electric-only cars as well. Several examples can be seen in the videos.