Grand Théâtre Genève

Geneva’s Opera House (Le Grand Théâtre) dates from 1879. It was significantly destroyed by fire in 1951 and re-opened in 1962. There was renovation in 1997/1998 which upgraded the scenery machinery, including electronically controlled and programmable automation; the opening demonstration was a delight for techies but a bit of an over-kill for the general public judging by the sighs after more than 15 minutes of fully automated movement of the suspension beams – set to music. Continue reading

L’Opéra des Nations

marcomathieumedia is as fascinated by technique back-stage as by the performance itself – each decent production involves so much. And behind the ‘stage’ are other back stories – the lives of the artists, composers, creators and authors – but also of the very performance infrastructure itself.

Since 2015, on way to recording sessions at the UN, our tram passes Continue reading