10 ans duo npq

“10 ans seulement…”

Le 7 décembre 2014 le duo N’imPorte Quoi a organisé au Théâtre du Loup à Genève une journée anniversaire constituée d’un petit concert pour les enfants et d’un grand concert pour les plus grands.

Gros succès! Merci à tou(te)s celles et ceux qui nous ont aidé, au Théâtre du Loup, à tous les participants et au cher public! Continue reading

Towards a Hallelujah

As of 2014, the Lutheran Church of Geneva choir had been singing for 25 years under the direction of Terry MacArthur. Naturally with a very transitory  church membership (many ex-pats who stay just a few years in Geneva) the choir also undergoes constant change of membership.  Many previous members came back to Geneva from all over the world to sing once again in a full weekend of celebration.

This 25th anniversary included a Saturday concert entitled:  “Towards a Hallelujah”, the Hallelujah Chorus from Haendel’s Messiah closed the concert – Music Director Terry MacArthur invited the choirs AND the audience to participate. Continue reading

Thematic- ‘Our Father’

Please see our 2009 blog as to how this thematic “window” project began.

In 2012, the team’s original designer had left Geneva – Edwin Hassink was then contacted to create a special graphic work based on text of the Lord’s Prayer, in many languages. Edwin had already gifted numerous graphic designs for the church and for this new work he continued to build on a black-and-white model which he had made some years earlier. Continue reading