Giants in Geneva – review

September 2017 – Geneva:
a fascinating and incredible street theater production – 2 years of preparation and a whole city “mobilized” to make it possible. But also “immobilized” as traffic flows and public transport totally interrupted for a whole weekend, stranding many inhabitants and inconveniencing others.
The “show” began Friday evening and ended Sunday afternoon – each part was a themed section of a continuing story, but at the “show” level there was no need to fully know or understand the underlying saga.
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Projection Mapping

In 1969, a simple form of 3D projection was used by Walt Disney to animate “heads” to make it seem that they were alive and speaking or singing. We well remember those in the “depths” of the ‘Haunted Mansion’ at Disneyland, California.

Now, readily-available technology, software and hardware products allow true mapping of multiple light beams to the exact shape of 3-dimensional objects. Continue reading

Grand Théâtre Genève

Geneva’s Opera House (Le Grand Théâtre) dates from 1879. It was significantly destroyed by fire in 1951 and re-opened in 1962. There was renovation in 1997/1998 which upgraded the scenery machinery, including electronically controlled and programmable automation; the opening demonstration was a delight for techies but a bit of an over-kill for the general public judging by the sighs after more than 15 minutes of fully automated movement of the suspension beams – set to music. Continue reading

L’Opéra des Nations

marcomathieumedia is as fascinated by technique back-stage as by the performance itself – each decent production involves so much. And behind the ‘stage’ are other back stories – the lives of the artists, composers, creators and authors – but also of the very performance infrastructure itself.

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Giants in Geneva

Invited by the Théâtre de Carouge – Atelier de Genève and the City of Geneva,  Royal de Luxe presented a new creation from the saga of the Giants (see their website).

Royal de Luxe is a company of inventors, stuntmen, poets and scrap-dealers all at once – an iconic, almost mythical, French street theater company – founded in 1979, presenting around the world.

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