Audio is important

marcomathieumedia is passionate about video, and also the capture of the audio space. Camera built-in microphones are generally not good for usable sound; internal camera recording is fine when it receives its source from an external microphone. Camera microphone sound is essential for use in synchronizing with other audio sources, and also good for some outdoor and ambience capture.

Audio quality is so important.

Listen to the subtleties of our jazz quartet recording: and then click here or on the image to watch the videos.

Tech talk:

Clapper3editFor voice capture in locations where there is a resident sound system that is a preferred option as it avoids lengthy set-up of multiple microphones. We have used direct feed to the camera (as in the Ecumenical Centre), or taking a copy of the system-recorded voice microphone files (as in the Cathedral). For some music concerts, we have taken a feed from the sound system directly to one of our audio recorders (as in a theater or in the park for summer concerts) and then augmented the spacial ambience or audience participation with camera microphone pick up.