Audio is important


marcomathieumedia is passionate about video, yet an important part of video making is the capture and crafting of a decent audio environment in keeping with the style of the visual.

Concern for audio

We have indeed used camera internal microphones, and some results have been surprisingly acceptable (jazz sessions, ambience and short spontaneous interviews).

However, we also use a range of professional microphones for multi-channel digital recording, providing for flexible mix-down during post-production. In multi-instrument music recordings, we can thus better position instruments on the stereo image and have more control of the spacial dimension.

For voice capture in locations where there is a resident sound system that is a preferred option as it avoids lengthy set-up of multiple microphones. We have used direct feed to the camera (as in the Ecumenical Centre), or taking a copy of the system-recorded voice microphone files (as in the Cathedral). For some music concerts, we have taken a feed from the sound system directly to one of our audio recorders (as in a theater or in the park for summer concerts) and then augmented the spacial ambience with camera microphone pick up (particularly for audience participation).

In any case, quality of audio for videos remains an on-going concern; there are blog posts and articles on this site dedicated to the audio side of recording. In fact audio recording is part of the history – prior to moving into video (e.g. see “Hammond B-3“)

Audio is also a viable side-product; particularly for sharing (.MP3 files over e-mail). Or exchange when making editing decisions where multiple takes are involved, or whenever the sound-track of a video session is to be incorporated into other videos (.WAV files over file-share applications).

This audio track is from the 2011 marcomathieumedia signature video 
- yes, we should update it to reflect our incredible learning journey
since that time ! 
So much material, so much learning, so many experiences 
- we are so grateful to all our clients, friends and partners.